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Wood engraving by Simon Brett
(from Prothalamion and Epithalamion, 1997)

On Endgrain Editions 4: Simon Brett

I have never seen a compilation of engravings done so masterfully. [It] is the best treatment of an engraver’s works that I have ever seen! Andrew Hedden, Subscriber to the press

I was expecting something pretty special, but my expectations were blown out of the water by the thing itself. ... The printing of the blocks is astounding. My colleagues here have been crowding around the book, as one of them reverently turns the pages, emitting gasps of delight as one image after another is revealed.
Joe Whitlock Blundell, Design & Production Director, the Folio Society

On The Ingoldsby Legends: a Gallimaufry

I have received the delightful Ingoldsby. What a treat. It was well worth the long wait. ... The Afterword alone is worth the price of admission. I expected and got the kind of wonderful design, typography, and printing you two deliver consistently.
Jean-Francois Vilain, Subscriber to the press

Just a note to thank you so very much for our copies of [Ingoldsby] – it is simply exquisite, and Massey will be very proud of it for many years to come. What a beautiful piece of work! It is just SO wonderful to see those images used in such a thoughtful and loving way. I know it was a long and difficult process, but what a result!
P.J. MacDougall, Librarian, Robertson Davies Library, Massey College, Toronto, who arranged to loan of the blocks for our edition.


Our Indiegogo online funding campaign for

Bordering on the Sublime

concluded successfully on 28 November. The campaign is now
an In Demand site, which means donations are still welcomed
and accepted as the work continues.

We will be adding revised Perks as time goes by, and posting
updates on the Indiegogo site. The link remains the same:

Many thanks to you all!

Now in Print!

Fancy: 8 Odes of John Keats

Simon Brett – An Engraver’s Progress

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